What Are the Mini-Questorias?

Some scenarios at our site are full Questorias, and some are Mini-Questorias. Let’s see how they differ...

The “Escape over the Atlantic” Questoria. For example, the «Escape over the Atlantic» game is a full Questoria. It has 8-19 players who move around the location freely, be it a cafe or your apartment =) During the game you can talk quietly in the corner, gang up or even «stab» someone ;)

In Questorias you are given some useful artefacts, such as poisons, weapons and secret files, that give you a larger stage for interaction. Each Questoria player has his or her specific goals, therefore, the game takes three hours.

Игра в мини-квесторию Неизвестная планета «An Unknown Planet» mini-Questoria. Another example of a mini-Questoria is the «Unknown Planet» scenario. Here, the players sit at one table and solve one common task together (well, pretty much together ;-) ). All secret negotiations and dealings are banned in this particular game. The essence is to discuss and fit the puzzles into a general picture, to bluff and call one another’s bluff.

The common goal in a Mini-Questoria may be investigating a murder, to which each player is related, either directly or circumstantially. Mini-Questorias are more focused on group discussions. If you do not have a great deal of time, then a mini-Questoria is the perfect choice, as it is only 1-1.5 hours long.

We cannot predict which option you like better :) But you should definitely try both the Questorias and Mini-Questorias. As with the movies, you can watch a thrilling short-film or enjoy an astounding saga like the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. Both types are fun.

What format will you choose?

Is your game a Questoria or a Mini-Questoria? Find out at the scenario list page .

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