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    About the Questories

  • What are the Questories?
    Imagine yourself as a character in a story like The Hateful Eight, And Then There Were None, or Treasure Island. From the start of the game, you know your background and how your character ended up there, but your future is in your own hands.

    For example, Once In The Wild West is a Questoria game that starts with a famous singer found dead in a saloon. The sheriff locks the door, fires his gun into the ceiling, and promises that no one will leave until the killer is found. Different characters are caught up in the story: cowboys, smugglers, a dancer, a shaman, a clairvoyant, and a dozen more juicy characters.

    Each character has their own individual goals; solve the case or cheat the gallows, find their long lost parents or sell their smuggled goods, get their hands on a wealthy husband or a secret Indian recipe.

    To help you in your endeavours you will each have some special abilities and tips on how to use them, or some items such as weapons, jewelry, Indian potions, etc...

    It is up to you to choose the best way to achieve goals, building your game around shrewd plotting or brute force, charm or flirting.

    To win, you must achieve your own goals before anyone else achieves theirs!
  • How are Mini-Questories different from the regular ones?
    Yes, there are differences!

    Say, «The Flint’s Will» is a regular Questoria.
    • 8-30 players (and we have some Questories for up to 150 players).
    • The players can move around the whole game location.
    • Each player has their own personal goals.
    • The game takes 3 hours.
    «The Unknown Planet» is a Mini-Questoria.
    • 7-10 players
    • The players sit around a table
    • All players have one common goal and they are solving the task together (or almost together). For example, the common task may be to solve a murder, which is connected to each player, either directly or circumstantially.
    • The Mini-Questoria takes about 1-1.5 hours.
    Want to know which type of game is right for you? You will find the answer at our page listing all the scenarios.

    How to Play?

  • How to Play?
    Talk! The main weapon in the game is information. The more information you get, the easier it will be to reach your goals. You will need your logic, your negotiation and bargaining skills, and the villains amongst you should remember to make good use of your art of scheming.

    Do not forget about the artefacts you have been given. You can move around the location freely to secretly swap your artefacts or just exchange info with your allies.
  • Do I have to read the lines?
    Jeez, no!=)

    You just have the backstory on how you landed this situation. And it is up to you how the story will unfold. For example, you discover that you are a criminal fleeing from justice. What is your play? Bribe the policemen? Go for a plea deal? Set up anyone else? Or get rid of the evidence?

    The decision is yours. There is no preset ending to the game. The resolution depends solely on the players’ strategies.
  • So do I have to «act out a role» then? I feel awkward!
    You need to act out no more than in the Mafia or Wink Murder games. Or when bargaining with your supplier :)

    You don’t have «to learn the role» by heart, and you don’t have to be an actor.

    All you need to do is imagine your hero in this situation. What would a real sheriff do if he saw some robbers hold up the bank? Would he shoot them? — Then do it! Would he negotiate? — Then negotiate! Would he seek refuge? — Then go hide!
  • How do you distribute the roles? What if my role is dull?
    Before the game starts, the host asks you to write down your role preferences: either you want an active role, a villainous one, or just more of an observational one.

    Those who want a simpler role will get an observational one. Those who want to be more involved will get an active or villainous role.

    We are often asked, what if all players want to be active? That happens very rarely. And every role is worked out to let the player bring out their full potential. There’s no need to be limited by the character’s goals. You read: «steal the royal crown», but you think that it is way too simple for you — so you decide to become the king, and leave your opponents standing there in disbelief!
  • What if some players just don’t get it?
    • We minimize the chance of this happening by sorting out the roles from the start — into simple and compleх.
    • You can solve each task in the game in 3 different ways. So, if you don’t understand something, there will be other chances for you to get it.
    • If you don’t understand something, ask the host — he will give you a hint.
  • Is the game active? Or does everyone sit at a table?
    Everyone sits at a table only during the Mini-Questories. In regular Questories the whole cafe room or your apartment is the game location. You can whisper with you allies in the corner, or trap your opponent into the next room and rob them one-on-one.

    The super-big questorias with 40 or more players are held in larger premises or even outside.
  • Do all Questories require dressing up?
    Usually, our games do not require any costumes, you come as you are. But sometimes, we hold the theme dress-up Questories, of which we notify well before the game.
  • Can I just watch the game at first?
    No, you cannot just watch, but we do have the «observer» roles. Before the game, the host will ask you to write down your role preferences, and you can choose an observer role. Those are the simplest. But you always have a chance to switch from an observer mode to an active mode. In this way you can better feel the vibe of the game, much more so than by just sitting aside and watching.

    How can I play?

  • How many players do you need for the game?
    If you are planning to join one of our scheduled open games at the weekend, just sign up on our website. And we will take care of bringing the other players :)

    We maintain a friendly vibe at each game, where it’s easy to mix’n’mingle with total strangers. Trust us, it’s much more convenient to meet a stranger as a game character! And after the game you will have something in common to talk about.

    If you want to book a Questoria for your event, then you should gather at least 6 players. The Mini-Questories are designed for 6-10 players, whereas the regular Quetorias are for 8-25 players. And we also have scenarios for larger crowds of 40-150 people, for example, «The City of Stalkers», «The Heroes of Tarmac», or «Ante Up».
  • Where are the Questories held?
    The scheduled open Questories are held in cafes in the city. Naturally, we find a separate cafe room or zone it out, so that we are not disturbed.

    And we can hold the booked Questories anywhere you like — we can come to your home or office. In the summer, we can arrange for a game outside — in a park or out in the countryside somewhere.
  • What is the minimum age?
    We hold private Questories at corporate or private events and kids’ parties for all age groups. And the average age of players at the scheduled open games is between 20 to 40 y.o. But the great thing about the Questories is that we have roles for elder players (such as the Jamaican governor or an esteemed director) and for the younger ones (such as a shipboy!).
  • What do I need to come and play?
    Just sign up on our website. No preparation is necessary.
  • I would like to give the Questoria as a gift to my friend, how could I do that?
    We offer the Gift Certificates.
  • Can I have the Questoria held at my birthday party?
    Sure, we arrange for the Questoria to be held at birthday, and corporate parties, as well as on other event or occasion. You can combine the game with a buffet or dinner reception — this will not disrupt the game.

    The Questories and Other Games

  • What are the Questories like?
    The closest game is a Murder Mystery Games. In Russia, the nearest relation would be the so-called «cabinet games». The Mafia, «escape-the-room» and detective quest lovers amongst you will certainly enjoy the Questories. As well as those who just wish to try out a different persona and meet new people.
  • Is the Questoria and «live quest» same thing?
    Not really. At present, the phrase «live quest» implies all types of games — the Questories, city quests, or «escape-the-room» quests. Therefore, we say that all Questories are the live quests, but not every live quest is a Questoria.
  • How do the Questories differ from the Mafia game?
    The Questories stand out by their wildly twisting plot, where five or six storylines web together into an incalculable final, that is always different depending on each player’s moves. Thus, the players become the game co-authors. Very often the players come up with moves that surprise even the hosts!
  • How do the Questories stand out from the city quests?
    The city quests have no roles — there you just follow a certain route, find the clues and solve the riddles on the way. In the Questories, you do not need to run or move from one location to another. The Questories are meant for players to communicate, and they are similar to theater shows or movies. All players move around, but inside one location. They group together to discuss a favourable alliance or take an enemy to a dark corner to poison them. And it all looks like a regular party!
  • What is the difference between a Questoria and an «escape-the-room» quest?
    The «escape-the-room» quests are designed for 2-6 people, 60 minutes of play-time and one common goal — to escape the room.

    The Questoria models the whole world populated by various characters, each having their own individual goals. So the game suggests the interaction among the personas, and not the interaction with the room. If compared with computer games, the «escape-the-room» format is like a computer quest, and the Questoria is like a role-playing game :)
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