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What to expect at the kid’s Questoria in Moscow?

In the game, every child will become a hero of an exciting story: be it a detective story, adventure or a fairy tale. Everyone has unique goals and ways to achieve them, and the outcome depends only on the actions of the young players!

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Game stages

Through the example of School of Magic scenario

What Is a Questoria?

Questoria is like a movie. But in a film you know where the story will go from the start, and here, the outcome depends on you. Children turn into heroes of a detective, western or sci-fi story: they become wizards students, venturous pirates, daring detectives or cowboys.

How does the Game Start?

The Host distributes the roles according to players’ wishes and hands out the props. For example, in the «School of Magic», children will be handed magic mantles, hats, and capes. Everyone has their own goals: find the Sleepy Spell, save the Magic Tree, unmask the mysterious avenger, or solve the secret of the Old House.

What Is the Plan?

Achieve all the goals. Whatever it takes. Communicate with other players, team up, search for clues, and collect ancient spells. For the first 15 minutes «nothing is clear», but half an hour later everyone is addicted to the game. Sandy from the House of Fire has found a mysterious scroll fragment... She will give it to her teammates if they help wake the School Spirit. The bravest are ready to fight the dragon. But everything can change in the nick of time!

What Is the Outcome?

The game outcome depends on the players’ actions. Will the kids uncover the mystery of the pirate ships? Will they wake the wizard professors from their magical sleep? Who is the White Dame? Who will get the eerie black mark? Many will turn out to be not who they seem. A good mood, holiday feeling, and magical memories are guaranteed for months to come!

Choose the game in Moscow, and we will come to your home, café or picnic in the woods.

Somewhere in the Wild West

Only under the order for experienced
9 - 19
2-3 h.
Individual or team roles and goals depending on the plot, total immersion and maximum emotion

An audacious train hold-up by Black Bill’s gang,
a shocking murder of a famous singer in the «Seven Moons» saloon,
and a miraculous panacea invention —
do you think it’s too much for one small town?

Be ready for a real thrill, if you are...
Somewhere in the Wild West!

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Players' Feedback

Elena Skripchenko


We played «Flint’s Testament» Questoria for our daughter’s birthday. We liked the quest a lot! First I thought it would be difficult for ten year-old kids, but then I saw the children get it right and play actively. Thank you for such a wonderful idea, everyone was very happy, and most importantly — everyone made friends, even though the crowd was quite a mix. Many kids did not know each other)

Sasha Kandalintseva


Participated in the «School of Magic» Questoria. That was our first game ever. The players were 9-12 year-old children. The event was successful, no complaints, positive emotions only. Our daughter said: «This is my best birthday!» A great thank you to the organizers! Now we, the grown-ups, are thinking, which quest to play?

Anton Sytilin


It was the first time we decided to present a quest in Krasnodar to my son for his birthday. We are thrilled! The kids take the plunge into the game, exchanging information with each other and learning to deduct. The game develops intellectual skills, the ability to control oneself. Ekaterina (the host) was at her best and engaged our children for two hours in a very professional manner. At the end, they all received diplomas and wonderful impressions!

Lilia Ulmaeva

Nizhny Novgorod

I booked a quest (this was «Somewhere in the Wild West») in Nizhny Novgorod for a birthday party at home. Amazing! I liked everything very much. 3 hours flew like 5 minutes. Murders, robberies, secrets, alliances and intrigues. Beautiful costumes. It was cool! My son remembered our adventures for a long time, as did all other guests. An unforgettable holiday and excellent pictures after. Big thanks to the organizers.

Marina Stezhko


On May 15, we celebrated our son’s birthday with Questoria in Omsk. 12 nine-year-olds were really thrilled! It turned out as a very exciting game, the kids did not notice anything around for an hour and a half, just the game, rivals and tasks — a full immersion in the process ... An ocean of positive emotions! Children made a pother to their parents, just getting out of the game! We will surely recommend it to friends and come to play again!
Questoria is like a computer role playing game, but in real life!
Fans of popular computer games will also enjoy our quests — their atmosphere is similar to that of the Questories.
If your children are waiting for the release of Red Dead Redemption, by GTA, invite them to play «Somewhere in the Wild West» Questoria.
If they are waiting for Evil Within
or Outlast 2 — offer them the «Mystery of Roanoke Island» Questoria.
For Mass Effect fans,
offer «Space Trap».
And the fans of Minecraft, Terraria, Stranded, Long Dark, or Do Not Starve
will surely like «Staying Alive»!
Distract children from the computer, get them to play questories with friends at a birthday party, any holiday or just any day. They will appreciate it!

5 reasons to book

a live quest in Moscow for your birthday

Pricing for a kids’ party in Moscow

12500 RUB
Price for up to 10 people

Cost of each additional participant +600 RUB

The plot of your choice
The host and the game set
An opportunity to choose a convenient time and place
15000 RUB
Price for up to 10 people

Cost of each additional participant +700 RUB

All options are «economy»
Basic props for the game theme
Theme music reinforces the game's atmosphere.
Memorable diplomas for players
21500 RUB
Price for up to 10 people

Cost of each additional participant +800 RUB

All options are «standard»
Professional photographer for the game
Extended props
Role distribution before the game
Invitations for guests
from 40000 RUB
Price for up to 10 people

Cost of each additional participant from +3500 RUB

All options are «premium»
Costumes and photosession after the game
Search for theme-styled venue for the quest
VIP-options for your holiday party
Price for up to 10 people

12500 RUB

15000 RUB

21500 RUB

from 40000 RUB

Price per extra participant




from + 3500RUB

The plot of your choice
The host and the game set
An opportunity to choose a convenient time and place
Experienced hosts will pay attention to every child! It is their profession to make kids smile :) Depending on the number of participants and the story in Moscow, several hosts can be involved.
Basic props for the game theme
Questories in Moscow can be held anywhere — at home, at your countryside house, in the cafes of our partners or at one of your own choice, out in nature, or even in a movie theater! The main requirement is for the place to fit all the invited guests and be convenient.
Theme music reinforces the game's atmosphere.
To plunge your guests into the story atmosphere and make them really feel their characters, each scenario provides a set of hats and accessories. For example, wizards will get magic hats and pirates will get blinkers.
Memorable diplomas for players
Each scenario has specially recorded soundtracks corresponding to the mood and the twists and turns of the game, setting the action dynamics. Magic melodies will play at the school of magic, and merry sea songs will sound at the pirate ship.
Professional photographer for the game
It is important for children that their successes be noticed and evaluated. At the end of the game, the hosts will award the participants with diplomas for their achievements. For example, a reward for the best character, for good conduct, for ingenuity, and good judgement.
Extended props
Children are difficult to catch in the lens — they do not sit still even for a minute! :) But our photographer is familiar with the plot and knows when to catch a good shot. He will capture interesting situations and vivid emotions. You will look through the photos again and again, and warmly remember the party.
Role distribution before the game
Each child will receive additional props for his hero: a beard and sabre for a dashing pirate, a magic wand and a cloak for a magician, a magnifying glass and a police badge for a young detective.
Invitations for guests
We will choose a comfortable role for each child, given their gender, age, nature and hobbies. Of course, we will need your help with this! :)
Costumes and photosession after the game
We will prepare individual invitations for guests in the style of the game plot. For example, a note from a magical school in the form of a scroll with a wax seal. Having received such an invitation, kids will look forward to the game and come to the party in a positive mood.
No time to forward an invitation in person? Then we can make invitations online, and have the birthday person send them to friends as a personal message via social
Search for theme-styled venue for the quest
A dress-up photoshoot session may be held after the game. Guests will have time for group and individual photos in a relaxed atmosphere.
VIP-options for your holiday party
We will select the place for your party to relate to the plot of your choice, decorate it and create the setting. There will be a complete feeling that the action is taking place not in Moscow, but on a pirate island, in an old mansion, or at a school of magic.
*You can include other services for a separate cost into the chosen package. Should you plan to invite more players and during the high season (December 15 through January 15) the price is subject to change.


At Questoria, we create exciting stories to have our players fully immersed into the atmosphere. We work on each Questoria for several months and test it thoroughly. We train our hosts and calculate their number for each game in such a way that every child gets enough attention. However, part of the game success depends on you too.
However, in the event that you follow all these recommendations and still don’t enjoy Questoria, please let us know — WE WILL REFUND THE WHOLE FEE PAID FOR THE GAME.
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